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Old 04-28-19, 09:04 AM
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Unhappy Secondhand smoke from apartment below

Dear sister Ann

I am so glad to see that you are still on ILJ Boards! I cannot see my postings from long ago, but I just want to say thank you and the faithful community here for all your prayer support and wisdom which encouraged me as a younger Christian. By the Lord's grace I am still on my pilgrimage with Him and growing today. Btw, is Grandpa still around?

I have returned with this prayer request:

For nearly the last month already, we've had secondhand smoke entering our apartment from a unit below. They seem to be newly moved-in foreigner tenants. Furthermore, the *****ette smoke smells different and even more noxious than usual, appears at random and lingers. It is not just unpleasant but v disruptive (e.g. I start hanging laundry but have to "run away" when it appears, I return awhile later, manage to hang 2 pieces then have to run away again; I may be halfway through my shower and the smoke comes in; or I can't shower when I want to because the washroom has secondhand smoke).

It's v distressing and upsetting to us on a daily basis. I feel like a prisoner in my own house. They smoke freely but we are the ones who have to 'flee' an area we are in, get up to close our windows whenever we smell it or hurriedly push out a large air purifier. I can't even keep my windows open in peace for ventilation - meaning I face the additional health hazard of mould! Nor can I sleep with my windows open.

Laws of the land regarding smoking are never enforced here, and certainly there's nothing to say that people cannot smoke in their own home. We feel very helpless, and our physical, mental and emotional health are at stake. As you may be able to sense, I definitely have a lot of frustration and anger towards this situation.

Yet, we believe that God is sovereign and certainly He must have also allowed this now for a reason. We need to ask Him to tutor our hearts in Him amidst these challenging circumstances. And much as this situation is urgent, I feel the need to bide our time for now as I feel we need to pray up first and not act 'rashly' or in a confrontational manner - who are we to tell them not to smoke in their own home (we are not backed by law either)? And which smoker is considerate enough to smoke with all his windows closed (and air still escapes)?

I admit things feel desperate. Only God can intervene. Please pray for His mercy to evict these tenants soonest possible if He wills, and also wisdom and favour for us if and when to take action, and if so, what and how as it will not be easy. Thanks so much.
In His love
~Jesus' Lil Lamb~
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Old 05-13-19, 10:08 PM
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You need Jesus help
Do you know Jesus? If you want Jesus in your heart A admit that you're a sinner in need of God. B believe that Jesus died on the Cross and rose for your sins C confess Jesus as the Lord of your life. Pray this prayer Jesus I know that I've sinned against You. I sinned and am responsible for sinning. I believe that You died on the Cross and was raised for my justification. I now confess and receive Him as my personal Savior.
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