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Old 04-10-18, 08:51 PM
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Default Unknown

Ashamed of this persona that I pretend so well
Hiding behind truth while living a personal hell

Tortured by insecurities and overwhelming fear
Behind my reputation unable to let anyone near

I am that Christian that everyone wants to be
If only they knew the me that no one can see

I wear my "Jesus smile" always there for others
I am looked up to by all my sisters and brothers

No one sees the bitter tears or my breaking heart
Nor do they have a clue my world is falling apart

Everyone needs a hero but who do heroes need
When did I become a captive needing to be freed

The words I speak to others begin to speak to me
I know what I must do if I desire to be truly free

Giving up my pedestal for an unbearable cross
In the purifying fire discovering so much dross

The idol of pride is broken before GOD's throne
And the cost of my arrogance was finally shown

Grieved in my spirit for the damage I had done
When easily offended and I would quickly shun

Little ones were wounded some did not survive
It would've took so little and they'd still be alive

Faith moves mountains but nothing moved me
From old habits and attitudes that should not be

Sanctified "flesh" was renamed righteous anger
Putting anyone in its' path in imminent danger

The words of my mouth did not always glorify
How many times did Jesus look over me and cry

I cannot change the past but today is a new day
I will glorify GOD in my actions and words I say

"You can't come in" is now "You can't stay out"
It's the Father's kingdom not myself I'm about

With peace in my heart and love guiding me
I go to places and people others cannot see

With no reputation to defend no one is off limit
I can go where GOD sends and know GOD is in it

I'm now a willing servant wherever there is need
Into each life where I'm sent I sow precious seed

When wronged I forgive and then I let it go
No longer do the seeds of bitterness I sow

I used to be well known but now I am among the least
Everyone loves the bread but no one notices the yeast

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Old 04-10-18, 10:11 PM
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Peace to you also
Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature Matthew 16:15

Come visit us at
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