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There are churches like the one here that do not require all that. We don't have to go to church to go to heaven. All that takes is having Jesus in our heart as our Savior. That means knowing we like every other human being have sinned and done wrong and that we can't fix it in our own and believing Jesus died to pay the full penalty for our sin and set us free from it and telling Him we need him. You may want to find an informal Bible study or start one or visit churches till you find one that fits you. I have been known to drive by and take a look at the people and the types of cars and see if it looked like somewhere we could fit.

There was a time in my life that I was broker than broke. My wife and I were both out of work and just about didn't have rent money. I asked God what was wrong and He made me realize that I had not been tithing, had not really been giving at all. I realized that the only way out of this mess was to give our way out of it. It went against all natural good sense but I knew it was right. I started to give. It was hard. Things did not get better over night. But we did eat every day. We did get rent paid although we did have to get help with lights a time or two. But we made it. And we were blessed. We had been renting a rundown trailer and did not see how we were going to get rent paid that month when a friend who was moving out of state asked if we would take over payments on their trailer to get them out from under it. A much newer and better trailer and land that would be our own for just about half of what we were paying to rent the run down place. That was a no brainer. More so when they said they had already made the payment for that month. God doesn't play favorites. He will help you just like He did us. He loves you.
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