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there are actually quite a few for me. When Jesus summarizes the ten commandments as 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your strength, and love your neighbour as yourself' - that's a huge one for me. I treat the interpretation of neighbour as being 'your fellow man' not just literal neighbours - partly because I believe we should treat people as neighbours as that's a good way to treat people.

In the Gospel of John I think it is, which talks more about love than the other gospels - God described as love and light is also a big one for me. Also 'faith, hope and love (charity), but the greatest of these is love (charity)' - that's a huge one for me. I'm not sure if you understand some of the music I'm into Ann but there's a song by Brian Molko which is literally about Jesus where he sings 'but is money b*****d, so like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, give it all away'. It makes me think of that scripture because he's trying to be provocative in calling love money which on the face of it makes no sense because money is so far removed from God and I'm convinced through the 1000 year reign there will be no money under Jesus, but then he's illustrating how love can be money if it's given away - charity! that's his point after all. and then singing how Jesus would give it all away, which I imagine is exactly what Jesus did before he embarked on his ministry. Jesus there telling the rich guy (the Scripture earlier in my post about the summary of 10 commandments into 2 commandments happens just before) that if he wants to be perfect, sell all he has and give to the poor.

That's my favourite Placebo song. It emphasized for me that despite appearances Brian Molko really is a closet Christian, which you can hear in some of his other work too. And in a way I prefer that to the more obvious Christian music, I don't know I don't really like a lot of it because it reminds me of the pigeon sellers Jesus kicked out of the temple. mewithoutYou (Y deliberately capitalized there) call themselves a 'rock band who are Christians' rather than a Christian rock band. I like that because they're not using God to make money. they're not to everyone's taste and the lead singer's a bit nuts, but i can empathize with that.

and it would be nice if closet Christians shared their beliefs more, but Lord knows I have trouble doing that.

finally the line in Revelation which condemns Satan as the accuser speaks to me. i have a tendency to accuse too quickly and it's a reminder to not be like that.
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