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Originally Posted by Paulo View Post
why wasn't I able to move the mountain?
Because God didn't intend for the mountain to move, and never told you that he intended have YOU speak the Word of Faith that would get it done.

Consequently, YOU HAD NO FAITH that the mountain would move. God hadn't clued you in that He'd move it when you told it to go. Simple as that.

Why would it be God's will for me to move the mountain?
Since He didn't give you the power to do it, obviously it WASN"T his will the the mountain be moved.

I have opened up to people about my Faith to try and spread the word. A lot of people just don't react well. It's not a strong gift I have - I may have others?
Faith gets trickey. But the bottom line is that either you HAVE FAITH for something (because God TOLD YOU what He was going to do) or you don't.

Shadrach didn't have SPECIFIC FAITH that they were gonna survive the furnace (he was probably more surprised than the king was), but he DID have FAITH that God to do the right thing by him and the others.

Peter had SPECIFIC FAITH that when he picked up the cripple, he'd be healed and walk.

Faith Comes by HEARING, and hearing by the Word of God. ONE aspect of that is "Conviction of SIN" - without which you can't be saved.
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