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well then ok you could have SAID tHAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

I'm Amber
I'm 16
I live in a House
in Owatonna Minnesota
I love black
I love East West
my hair is redish purple
I have 9 pierceings
I was born on 23rd of march in 1985
I have 1 brother his name is Forest hes 23
I played cello for 5 years
I played piano for 7
I danced for 4
I want to be a youth director
I also want to be a pastor after I'm done being a youth director
I want to go to Augsburg College
I have gone to Cornerstone for 4 years
I know East West personally
I'm a mod on there board
I went to sonshine this year
I have gone to florida 10 times
I saw Michael Jackson in concert when I was like 5 er something
I saw MC Hammer at Cornerstone 1998
I have like POD for 4 years
I post on 6 other message boards
I'm Lutheran
I go to St.John Lutheran Church
I saw mortification in concert
I saw like one song performed by Stryper

is that enough of would you like me to keep going?
Sweet Screams and Pleasent Nightmares

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