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Originally Posted by Ann View Post
In principle I agree with you and yet there was this star in the Mideast a couple of thousand years ago easily observed by the scientists of that day. Just routine to many perhaps but to at least 3 it seemed to signify something important. So the question comes for both "our side" and thse who see more in the stars and commets and planets than I do how do we discern the difference and when should we be watching.
Gut feel is that if "WE" have to figure it out, then it's NOTHING. Jesus said that "his sheep" would know HIS VOICE, and that since we were HIS FRIENDS, He'd let us know what He was doing. SO I couldn't personally CARE LESS about what this or that Tom, Dirk, and Novitzki - self proclaimed "Prophesy Confusion Experts" say, or don't say.

Simple as that.
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