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Originally Posted by Paulo View Post
I don't know about the Sabbath existing before Jesus. Jesus is God. Before Abraham was, he IS (more-than-perfect verb tense - exists now, has always existed and will always exist).
The "Sabbath" was established after the 6th day of Creation. the "WORD" who was with God, and who WAS God (John 1) Existed from eternity. JESUS had no existence before His conception in Mary, and apparently STILL exists in glorified Human Form at the right hand of God.

Also there is stuff in Scripture about expressing faith through works.
Which is fine as long as you keep the cart on the proper end of the horse. BIBLICAL FAITH will inevitably result in WORKS produced by the intrinsic nature of the Biblical FAITH itself.

As Melancthon said: It is FAITH ALONE that saves, but the FAITH that saves will never be alone.

Spurgeon's take was: Any "Faith" that doesn't CHANGE a person - won't save them either.

The whole point of the book of James is that if what you call FAITH produces NOTHING in terms of works or service, then it's NOT FAITH AT ALL.

Simple as that.
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