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Originally Posted by Bob Carabbio View Post
Personal opinion. NOTHING is more important than the "Sabbath" - since it foreshadows Jesus (like most things in the OT).

The only Church that Paul DOESN'T thank God for, and isn't even sure that it still IS a church - was the church that was really "Working" to earn their salvation by keeping the LAW.

I think we BOTH know that today, even Churches who "PREACH" salvation by faith, still expect their people to PROVE THEIR SALVATION/Maintain it, by works (NO!! they'd never SAY that, but they do it anyway).

In the final analysis, JESUS is the Sabbath. We REST in Him - 7/24/365. And It's CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that we understand the HE DID IT ALL, and our filthy "Works" don't contribute to HIS FINISHED WORK at all - but if we "believe they do", and try to EARN salation - Jesus becomes of NO VALUE to us at all.

SO God "Resting" is simply His underscoring of the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of US realizing what the basis of our salvation is.

The largest SINGLE issue today is that the Church generic really DOESN'T see itself as absolutely PERFECT in God's sight through the Blood of Jesus, and for NO OTHER REASON.
I don't know about the Sabbath existing before Jesus. Jesus is God. Before Abraham was, he IS (more-than-perfect verb tense - exists now, has always existed and will always exist).

Also there is stuff in Scripture about expressing faith through works. You know Bob I'm no Catholic but it's there in the NT.
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