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Originally Posted by Ann View Post
Your points are very well taken. It appears that I did not word the question as well as I should have. Of course Jesus is still on the throne and always will be. Maybe it would have been better if I said where is consideration of Jesus, or is anybody pang attention o Jesus or maybe even how do we who say we aee His bring Him into the situations?
Well - Pence appears to have his "Spiritual Head" screwed on Straight, and If Ben Carson stays involved, that would be a good thing. A LOT of Evangelicals are suggesting support. the "T" man has appeared to have at least SOME acceptance of The Christian orientation, and given his situation, seeking wisdom and support would seem natural - HE doesn't want to fail, and I DON'T think his agenda includes raping the country.

So let's see how it plays out. We'll know a WHOLE LOT more in 6 months.
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