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Originally Posted by Bird Feeder View Post
What does Easter mean to you?
Personally it's "just another Holiday" of no spiritual importance to me whatsoever.

I don't DO "pagentry", and "Religious Rituals" any more that I have to ,and I always give up LENT for "lent".

Sure I realize the historical significance - Jesus Died, Took MY sin to the grave, and then rose from the dead which CONFIRMS that Salvation is now REAL and Available by faith.

SO, we do observe it casually with the whacky Catholic Schedule (try explaining to your kids how 3 days and three nights fit into "Friday evening to Sunday morning" without looking foolish).

SO let's just get it OVER WITH, and move on. The AG doesn't make a big deal of it, and if we feel like getting Liturgical, there's a nice Methodist Church in Midlothian that does the pagentry/ritual stuff nicely.
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