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I'm Susan, and I'll be 51 this month--too old to be on here?

I'm married to Harry, also 51, we have 3 young adult children who are 22, 20, and 16 respectively, all of whom we've homeschooled all but one of their K-12 years.

I have lived in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Portugal, and now live in the Sunshine State where Gatormania is not a disease.

Apart from music, I like to study my Bible, read, write, herb garden, and daydream. Music-wise, I played 'cello from fifth grade through high school, took violin lessons, recently taught myself to play the recorder, and have been in a choir or singing group of some sort singing harmony since I was in fifth grade. Presently I have the privilege of being in our church's ladies praise and worship group.

Music to listen to? I enjoy some classical, some folk, but my favorite is CCM including Audio Adrenalin, Third Day, Newsboys, Supertones, Mercy Me, Hillsongs; also Ray Boltz. Just about any God-glorifying praise and worship works for me.
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