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Nice to meet you all!

You can refer to me as "karova," "blah," "Bob," or whatever other name you like, I really don't care. But as u can see my user name is karova, so I'm sure if i just went by that (which isn't my actual name of course) no one would get oo confused.

So.......I'm karova. lol

I've played drums for 4 yrs, piano for 10, and am gonna be 16 in December!!!! Oops.....I mean 17. lol, don't even know my own age.

i'm kind of a goofball, but I DO know when to be serious.
I like to read, listen to music. and yea...lots of things. I can never pick favorites cause I love almost everything, and try to love everybody. The only thing I have a favorite of, is a color. he he. But will I tell u? You can guess, maybe someday it'll come up. lol

But yea.... I love the Lord, always have, always will. God bless ya'all.

karova (aka: blah) (aka: Bob) lol
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