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Lorelei, or Trouble...whatevah you may prefer
20 years old
DOB 4/27/1985
Light brown hair...was born with jet black, then it turned red, then dark brown, got lighter...
Brown-hazel eyes
I have two dogs plus my dad's
I have had several pets over the years
I can play the piano...sorta...I actually haven't in some time...REFRESHER COURSE!!
I own a keyboard (which I use as a piano) and a guitar
I want to learn guitar
I was saved at age 6
Rededicated my life at age 18
I've gone to Pleasant Grove for...almost two years...I think
I'm silly/cheesy
I love life
I once was really into zodiac/astrology stuff
I recently burned all my secular CDs in a bonfire
I do volunteer work at my church office
I am a part of the church van ministry
I will soon be starting to help out with youth leadership
I email the ******* group aka my Sunday School class the weekly calendar
I recently made visitor forms for the ******* we can keep up with visitors
My fave color's purple...I also like black, red, blue, and silver
My fave radio stations are 104.7 the Fish, 89.3 His Radio, and 91.5 Rock Solid Victory
Love music
I write poetry...I have over 90 poems...
I LOVE JESUS... dot com...
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