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Susan 01-16-10 09:01 AM

Why ?
Why do you believe God's Word is true ?

Ann 01-24-10 01:45 PM

I believe God's word is true because I believe God and He is His word. He does not lie.
I believe God's word is true because I have seen it work in my life and in the world around me.

GoodDay 01-24-10 02:41 PM

With-out using Scripture. I too believe that God's Word is True because God is the Word and the Word dwells in us believers to know Him in a real way. We see His creations. We hear Him answer our prayers, in ways that He know we need to answer them. We feel His presence when we gather in His Name. We see other be convicted by the Holy Spirit. We see others resfuse to hear His name just a s the Pharicees.

Before I was a believer the Bible was the most boring dry book their was. Now with the Holy Spirit we can now understand it and see Him speaking to us personally. We see miracles happen daily now. Each time I open the Bible something new pops out and I am sure we all have that happen :-)

With out Jesus Christ-Life has no value and no purpose or direction.

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