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Walker 10-20-11 01:50 AM


Sticks and stones, but names we’re called but not who we are
So why do we let names define what we’re on the outside of life
Look deep inside to see who we’re truly made to be

Mirrors we look at often to judge ourselves thinking looks define
But deceive ourselves leaving lies of doubt that lead to peer pressure
Public reception isn’t want gets to us the most, but our own

We’re so much more then the labels we put on ourselves
Names the world calls us isn’t what makes us who we are
Just another label on top of another

The fingerprints on our hands doesn’t identify who we truly are
They just match us to our faces, just like the bar code on products
Except we’re not for sale, we’ve been bought and set free

The money we make doesn’t define who we’ve become just a lie
We show the world we’re on top, yet if we look we’re upside down
Jesus paid for the world with blood on the cross to say love rules

Living word of God clearly says who we’re to become that defines
Were His Children, or we never knew Him, making us the lost souls
We got free will so chose who you are

I was born a sinner until I accepted Jesus dying on the cross
Then was born again becoming a child of the most high God
This is who I am, the fingerprints isn’t mine, but my Maker

Sticks and stones, but names we’re called but not who we are
So why do we still let names define, stopping us who we’re to be
Look up walk with courage, knowing Christ is in you

Ann 10-20-11 03:44 PM

Yes in Christ we are new creatures

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