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Ann 02-18-10 11:23 AM

Wonder if anyone would want to
Wonder if anyone would want to pray for another person who is part of ilj, not in a crisis only but consistently over a month or several months, wonder what would happen if we had consistent prayer support like that among us. I know some do pray and I appreciate that especially the folks who pray for me and for Charles. I don't really want to make this a sign up and announce that you are doing it thing or at least not say who is praying for whom so much as just a thing between each one and the Lord. I think we would notice growing and gaining strength, do you?

What about someone outside the bds and maybe outside family and friends, maybe a neighbor or a "public person" who especially annoys you. There is a woman on TV who I would gladly never see and yet the Lord has been nudging me that maybe she has no one praying for her. Sometimes he seems to allow ppl to annoy me until I finally begin to regularly pray for them. Does that happen with you?

These are sort of a challenge or project the Lord has been showing me and I wanted to share it in case anyone would like to do it too.

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