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Orpheus42 12-04-01 10:25 PM

Introduce yourselves :-)
We seem to have a little different crowd on here than on the CL&D board, so if you feel like it, let us know who you are :)

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


CGC 12-04-01 11:02 PM

I'm Amber

Orpheus42 12-04-01 11:27 PM

Ok, let me clarify. Details please, tell us about yourself.

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


Vinnie 12-05-01 06:02 AM

I am the Tyrant, ruler of Tyrantville!

I'm Vinnie, 20, male. I like ccm a lot.

Nicole 12-05-01 04:58 PM

LOL at Amber

I'm Nicole

I'm 18

I play no instrument

I only make a joyful noise - nothing more

However, I do enjoy listening to music! :D

And, I wish that I could play a cool instrument..and make what comes out of my mouth sound good all the time - but alas, God didn't seem to think I needed that particular whatever!

Flannel Avenger 12-05-01 05:41 PM

I believe that I need no introduction


Orpheus42 12-05-01 07:46 PM

No, you probably don't ;)

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


ps. Except there do seem to be some people here who don't frequent the other boards too often. It's possible they COULD have missed you ;)

Flannel Avenger 12-05-01 11:29 PM

WHAT?? Some people who don't know who I am??

Vinnie 12-06-01 12:53 AM

Yeah, abot 99.999999% of the world's population :D

VG8XP80 12-06-01 04:32 AM

My name is Rory. I've been registered since Feb, but seldom post. I'm a musician by occupation, though not as full-time as I wish. I am 23 years old and have been on stage performing music since age 4. I recently recorded my first solo instrumental CD. I perform in live situations and in studio. People hire me to help produce, arrange, and play on their projects. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. Now I just need to find a way to make money at it. I'll quit braggin for now unless questions get put my way.
is my page
is the newly formed company I'm with. They're looking to help aspiring artists, so check it out if you're looking to get started and might like some help.

Orpheus42 12-06-01 07:06 AM

Need to find a way to make money at it.... boy oh boy can I ever identify with that.

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


VG8XP80 12-06-01 04:21 PM

Yep, that's how it is. People hire me, but I use the word "hire" very loosely because I'm seldom paid. Oh, I'm charging all right, but I'm just wracking up a bill that will likely never be paid in full. People have a stunning ability to turn their financial difficulties into mine.

CGC 12-06-01 07:10 PM

well then ok you could have SAID tHAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

I'm Amber
I'm 16
I live in a House
in Owatonna Minnesota
I love black
I love East West
my hair is redish purple
I have 9 pierceings
I was born on 23rd of march in 1985
I have 1 brother his name is Forest hes 23
I played cello for 5 years
I played piano for 7
I danced for 4
I want to be a youth director
I also want to be a pastor after I'm done being a youth director
I want to go to Augsburg College
I have gone to Cornerstone for 4 years
I know East West personally
I'm a mod on there board
I went to sonshine this year
I have gone to florida 10 times
I saw Michael Jackson in concert when I was like 5 er something
I saw MC Hammer at Cornerstone 1998
I have like POD for 4 years
I post on 6 other message boards
I'm Lutheran
I go to St.John Lutheran Church
I saw mortification in concert
I saw like one song performed by Stryper

is that enough of would you like me to keep going?:biggrin:

faeroeisle 12-11-01 12:53 AM


soon to be nineteen in eleven short days.short days, LOL, get it?! oohhhh, yeah, i'm a dork. no not really, um,

i live with my friend because my daddy died last summer, big move too, right across the street.

had a dog, well, i still call him mine.

have a cat too, somewhere.

im in the very bottom right-hand corner of TN,


want to be a recording engineer or sound technician.

punk rock will always have a place in my heart.

Skillet rocks.aaahhhhh....john cooper....mmmmmm. sorry.

uh, fave colors: lavendar(and other purples) pretty shades of green, and girly.

i have a dark green teddy bear named Philmore, and a brown monkey w/ a camouflage ribbon around his neck named Monkey.

both of which i sleep with every night.

Yes, something had to take the place of my dog, but will never by no means compare, though.

love the beach

will always stay true to the dallas cowboys

Go Vols!

JessLynn 12-13-01 03:45 PM

Hi, I'm Jessica, and I ususally post in College Rage, but I figured I'd broaden my horizons.
I am 19, I was born November 24 1982
I go to Youngstown State University
I graduated from Beaver Local High School
I was voted Miss BLHS (aka Miss Congenality)
I love all kinds of music!
Some of my favorite Christian groups include: Skillet, Deleriou5?, John Reuben, Out of Eden, Third Day, 7 Day Jesus, All Star United, Bleach, Jars of Clay, Newsboys, and some random others.
I've seen Skillet, John Reuben Pax217 (i think those are the numbers), and Third Day in concert.
I go to an Assembly of God church.
I've gone to church camp 8 times.
I've been a counselor 5 times (4 kids camps, 1 jr. high)
I want to be a stay at home mom, but I'm going to school for English Pre-Education, and I want to be involved in Ohio Youth Minstries for as long as possible. Ummm that about sums it up!

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