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Ann 03-25-17 07:22 PM

urgent prayer please
Family injured in auto accident in Ohio. Mom in coma, 4 yr old in induced coma, dad conscious but hospitalized 3 yr old OK. Father in Jesus name please heal them all and bring each of them and mom's friend who asked for prayer and her cousin who called GA into a strong relationship with You through Jesus Christ thank You.

Paulo 03-26-17 05:10 PM


Ann 03-26-17 06:52 PM

Thank you

JPPT1974 03-26-17 09:17 PM

Praying in agreement. As one person nearly died in my church over a car wreck. She is a miracle. It happened in July and now it is nearly April
Praying for God to work a miracle

Ann 03-27-17 01:40 PM

Thank you

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