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Ann 11-02-17 02:35 PM

Is there a point in continuing?
ILJ has meant a lot to me for a lot of years. Now it seems like maybe I am trying to keep something propped up that is really gone already. I don't want to feel that way and I'd love for it to continue and mean something to someone but can it? What are your thoughts? What ideas do you have for it if you do want to continue?

JPPT1974 11-03-17 07:02 PM

Praying for this board to survive. Would hate for it to go away! Keep it up!

Paulo 11-08-17 07:26 PM

Would like to see it keep going...wonder if there’s anything we could do to improve Google placement??

Ann 11-18-17 12:06 AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one wanting t continue. :)

Not sure of a lot re google placement but know that the more posts and the more tags the higher the placement so we need to each post ore and encourage others to post. When I survive this weekend (Caring Hands coat and blanket give away tomorrow 240 turkey today) I''ll look and see if I can make access more simple for newbies

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