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Thread: Get rid of her or get out reposting because this child again needs our prayers a lot Reply to Thread
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03-03-16 08:03 PM
Ann I was looking back for something else and found this and need to update and ask you to pray please. Her mom and step dad are now divorced and tho he and his mom would gladly have had custody of her the courts said she is not your child and so she is with some of her mom's relatives and she is so sad in the things she posts to me on Facebook and misses her sisters and her step grandparents so. I am very worried about her.
09-29-10 08:29 PM
Teresa Oh good. I feel better then.

But to the other people:
09-29-10 06:08 PM
Ann Please note it is not her mama or step father who wanted rid of her. Her step dad is one of the mildest humans I know but anyone who wanted to harm her would have a lot more than their hands full with him.
09-29-10 01:16 PM
Cheri wow
09-29-10 04:53 AM

It always saddens me how some people get them and don't want them while other people want them and can't get them. I'm glad she found people who love her and so glad she knows Jesus
09-15-10 12:16 PM
Ann yeah that too. remind me please to pray often for the latest don't wanter. Jesus had some pretty strong words about that kind of thing.

It is truly amazing to see the joy her grandpa takes in her, perhaps the more amazing bec he is her step daddy's step father and came into that role when the young man was already in his teens. The term pride and joy definitely applies. And yeah they overcompensate for the times past but she minds and does it because she wants to please them. It is also amazing the physical healing in grandpa's life since that little one has been praying for him every day. How this child with these circumstances developed the personality she has only Jesus knows. Please pray that her mommie and "daddy" will come to know the same joy she has in Jesus.

And if anyone tells you why there should be an abortion please remember this little one.
09-15-10 06:18 AM
Susan *huge sigh*
09-15-10 03:41 AM
Get rid of her or get out reposting because this child again needs our prayers a lot

"I don't like her. I don't want her here. Get rid of her or get out." He thinks of himself as a pretty good fellow. It's just you know some things bother him and when something doesn't suit him it has just got to go. And she did not suit him at all. Inconvenient, time consuming, very likely to be noisy. "Get rid of her"

I wondered how often in her 4 years that had been said about her. Her mother was 14 when she was born. Her father 26 and on his way to prison for conceiving her. Her mother's family said she had to go. Her mom suffered from serious psychological problems and the meds she was on didn't tend towards a healthy baby and this was inconvenient and it looked bad. I'll probably never know why their plan A for getting rid of her was not carried out but still before she was 3 she and her mama ended up in more foster homes than the fingers of one little hand can count but somehow none of them wanted her. Then her mama found a boyfriend and another baby was on the way making her even more inconvenient. Though to do the BF credit he was always nice to her and probably took more care of her than her mom knew how to do. What he couldn't do without a high school diploma or any training and less confidence was find and hold a job. And so it was that after he and her mama married, separated and almost divorced, and the new baby came and they got back together that they were living in part of a house taking care of the elderly man who owned it. The man had said that he liked children but now he said she'd have to go. Inconvenient and about to be thrown away again.

By then she was spending 3 days or so a week with her step grandparents anyway following her new grandma around like a duckling following its mama duck. Helping grandpa take a nap by styling his hair for him while he pretended to be asleep. Going to church and singing about Jesus. When her grandpa heard of the ultimatum he went and got her and I would not have liked to hear what he said after he sent her to wait with out in the car. I know him pretty well and can just about imagine. She is their treasure and she knows it. She knows that she is Jesus' treasure too and it shows. She and her grandma have decided that her mama and "daddy" and little sister should just live at grandma and grandpa's too and that will probably happen for a while. It's a small church and she views most everyone there as her family and visa versa. How much poorer we would all have been if any of the original plans for getting rid of her had worked.

So when the man who issued the latest get rid of her ultimatum showed up at church I was not sure what was going to happen. What did happen was that as he sat there trying not to look at her and probably feeling what I and the few others who knew about it were thinking she walked up to him, reached up put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek and said "I love you".

"...and a little child shall lead them" Isaiah 11:6

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